structured settlement predictions

Predictions about settlement purchases – an estimate of what you can witness in the near future

The structured settlement secondary market is at a notable financial and reputation risk for participants in the unregulated market segment. For quite some time, there has been no licensing and no regulator of many sales practices which have been going on. The current lack in regulating the activities has been prominent and a fallout has been predicted on the scene.

Here are all the predictions which have been made by taking a closer look at what is going on presently by the underwriters in the settlement purchaser industry. These predictions are however, just that – predictions and you should not believe them with all your heart. There is always a scope for error as future is unpredictable. However, for a rough and general idea of what may happen, these predictions can be considered useful.

  1. Hedge funds and banks which have been tied to structured settlement companies along with the investors owning, backing or funding structured settlement factoring companies that have been engaging in illegal activity may be investigated and targeted in litigation. This is highly probably seeing how things have been going on recently.
  2. Structured Settlement Buyers, also known as cashing companies (or even some kind of factoring companies by some) may be prosecuted because they have been providing unlicensed financial advice to sellers as well as to investors in structured settlement payments rights. Their motivations have been financial and their advice has not only been illegitimate but also it has been unprofessional in many ways.
  3. All the retirees who invested their money in shady deals which were offered by these structured settlement buyers are going to become notable casualties in the fallout from vacated structured settlement transfer orders. They did not investigate the matter closely which is the reason why they are going to be hurt a lot in the process. The ethics of the fallout will be considered and vulnerable, cognitively impaired and disabled, may be lent some kind of help. The original beneficiary of the original structured settlement payments might convince them into buying something which can help their case which has been thoroughly destroyed by these financial advisers.
  4. The lack of adequate insurance has a high potential of becoming a substantial problem for consumers and investors who are seeking redress. There are not many choices which can affect the well being of investors during the predicted fallout.
  5. A money trail will be followed so as to find certain insurance companies and other American and foreign financial institutions who played a major role in this business. The companies that had financed or bought structured settlement payments rights in which disabled, vulnerable and cognitively impaired American consumers were involved and destroyed the potential benefits they could have received from the structured settlement policy will be considered as organizations who did not work in the best interests of the people of America.
  6. Lawyers will probably be fined heavily and even barred from practicing as they knowingly and repeatedly submitted structured settlement transfer petitions. These petitions were never legitimate and did not comply with structured settlement protection statutes which puts these attorneys in a position which is not just vulnerable but also destructive.
  7. The inaction and misleading actions of judges will also be considered and those who repeatedly and negligently did not perform their duties in protecting the disabled, vulnerable and the cognitively impaired Americans will be the center of a big hit. By approving structured settlement factoring transactions which were not in the best interest of the disabled, vulnerable and/or cognitively impaired Americans, they worked against the spirit of government policies and hurt the vulnerable.
  8. There will be cases of forgery of judges’ signatures on structured settlement transfer documents and all or most of them will be uncovered. These forgeries will be tried and those who were involved in the same will receive appropriate sentences for their actions. Such activities are not just illegal but have only led to putting vulnerable groups of people into even more vulnerable positions.
  9. An investment Ponzi scheme which will be involving participants in the structured settlement secondary market will come to the forefront. The scheme will gain prominence in the midst of the chaos caused by the fallout in the structured settlement market.